Elon Musk has a Nuclear Vision For Mars

Elon Musk a great name in the field of Technology industry is again asking for the nuclear blast.
in 2015 in interview show, he told that  "To make  Mars habitable for humans we need to drop nuclear bomb at the the two poles of the Maras" the idea behind it is that by dropping a nuclear bomb at the poles of Mars resulting in increased atmospheric pressure, increasing concentration of co2 and will even warm the planet , this theory is only suggested by the Elon musk but it has no proof that is going to work, regarding to this many scientists have come and said " This theory can also backfire and  can bring ice age by blocking sunlight and having increase concentration of harmful and toxic gases which brings down the dinosaurs on earth after a massive explosion from an asteroid  .
 although it is one of the many possibilities of the future which can happen.


  1. Earth is in threat due to this experiment.So keep in mind the humanity and the most important is beauty and environment of Earth.


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